If, Due To Any Reason, The Mucous Glands Fail To Produce Enough Mucus, Then The Nerve Endings Get Exposed And Irritated By Certain Foods And Polluted Air.

Even though there are many clinical treatments, to relieve the signs and symptoms of cough and cold, several home remedies are also known to effectively treat this common health issue. If the patient is experiencing unbearable pain and not responding well to medications, then doctors consider surgery for trigeminal neuralgia as an alternative. As per Ayurvedic literature, the holy basil has a positive impact on the body's energy field. This tea is one of the best chest congestion relievers. In India, it is used to make certain edible dishes. It is also beneficial for treating dry cough caused due to a viral infection. At least one garlic clove needs to be consumed every morning for the effect to show. If the symptoms are very severe and interfere with your daily activities or you suspect an underlying medical condition, then consult your doctor immediately. Peppermint is another excellent herb which is known to stimulate the production of digestive juices within the intestines. It also increases the endurance of the body back pain against a number of ailments, people who have a tendency to retain excess water in the body or who are overweight are recommended to take ginseng, for a healthy weight loss. Drink juices which have strong taste like orange juice, lime juice, etc. Cleavers are herbs that have many health benefits. This essential oil can also be helpful in promoting emotional and mental well-being. If, due to any reason, the mucous glands fail to produce enough mucus, then the nerve endings get exposed and irritated by certain foods and polluted air. Even today, it is popular as a medicinal herb, that is used in various forms. This helps in easing menopause symptoms. This substance is responsible for the contraction of the uterine muscles. Ginger tea mixed with a few drops of lemon juice and honey is an excellent combination to relieve inflammation of the inner lining of the throat.

Another Chinese herb, known as gold coin grass, is believed to have some properties which help in alleviating the symptoms of gallstones. It is useful in relieving constipation and stimulates the gut muscles. Garlic is also used for getting rid of muscle spasms. The remedial measures given above should be used only when it is not accompanied by any other symptoms.

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